About the Artist

JC Lamkin

While her primary career is that of a business mogul and an icon in social justice, the artist has also been formally recognized as a titan in the tech industry. Even as a no nonsense business person, she finds a way to intertwine her life experiences, technology, and innate curiosity to express her perception of the world around her. Her reflections and intense clarity sets her apart as a genius in interpretive art. “I believe that everyone has talent. As a matter of fact, most of us have multiple areas we excel in. We don’t always recognize this talent in ourselves. The way we live our lives is the most obvious form of artistry. We create masterpieces every time we interact with one another. Sometimes we create a brilliant masterpiece when holding the door open for someone who is coming in behind us; or, saying “thank you” to someone who has open their themselves to us. Others may see that as simple day-to-day interactions, I see those actions as a thing of beauty. That is my interpretation of it. So, the pieces that I create are a reflection of events, places, people and things that I find to be intriguing in their simplicity, yet beyond magnificent in their reverberating impact. It is my way of saying this small prayer of gratitude to God: “I see what you are doing, and I appreciate it.”


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